CtG—Zero Kara Sodateru Dennou Shoujo



In the VRMMO -CtG- (Cradle to the Glaive), Kasugai Yuu lives with Mifa, a girl he had just met. After that, their daughter Haruha is born and raised!? Moreover…

“I’ve come, daddy!”


In the real world, the real Haruha, along with the real Mifa – Kugimiya Miharu – suddenly appeared! The truth is, Haruha is a created in secret!! Living under the same roof, Yuu and Miharu are stuck with caring for Haruha both in game and in life, the one who controls the fate of humanity!?

Volume 1

Volume 2

Volume 3


34 Responses to CtG—Zero Kara Sodateru Dennou Shoujo

  1. Ryukai B says:

    Yay 😀


  2. M I says:

    I really cant wait to read Vol.2, thanks for the updates as to what you are doing as well. I hope to read more soon, so thanks in advance!!!


  3. synthous says:

    So… “has” means has his way with her?


  4. Just4Fun says:

    Thank you very much!


  5. M I says:

    I just read the ports in the home section, I have a concern about picking up more LN’s as I have seen a lot of other groups who at first give it there all to keep all of them up to date fast a they can. But over time they burn out fast I don’t know how many can spent how time on translating But as all of you are doing it for fun, please this is for fun and we who read your work love what you are doing!! Please thing of your health and don’t get caught up in this must go out now!!!! Although I will be the first to admit I check you webpage at least four or five times a day. I really love CTG and is my number 1 LN right now, for the longest I thought no one would pick it up. So I wanted to thank you!! As you can see my grammar is the worst so I hope you can over look it. Again thank you for bring so books many of us would not even know were out there much less be able to read them with out your skill and dedication!!!I only wish I had the skills sets aid in this which has ever frustrated me, I stank in awe to all you your groups talent !!!!!


    • Oh don’t worry about us burning out. We have dedicated translators for each project. And well. … a lot of editors too…. The only thing we have to fear is a certain someone being lazy poi.


      • Hayate says:

        POI! This post just got me to check out the series. Like literally due to the Poi! Cuz any Poi! Fan is good Poi! At least in my book Poi!


      • Artmatt says:

        So someone has picked it up after it being dropped by the original translator


      • err no. The same translator is doing it. He just suddenly found himself having to deal with RL stuff before coming back to translate poi~


      • Artmatt says:

        You just made my day. Back then i was really sad that such a great story was dropped and now i’m really looking forward to continuing this series


    • Thank you for the comment MI. As of right now, this is it. We are not picking anything more than this for the time being. All three novels are being translated by three different translator as of right now who have varying level of speed in translation. While right now, Emon is handling CtG and I am one of the editors on it.

      As for the other two, I am handling them and we are not pressing anyone to rush the translations. That is why we suggested the parts system.

      Like you said, we do it for fun and it is visible on our posts. Poi loves to poi, I love to wave like Karen and Emon has a dark lord master.


  6. hykzqwmx says:

    can i have permission on doing the pdf of ctg?
    or there already pdf of ctg that i can download?


  7. Asura says:

    wow thanks for the hard work! u guys are great! here some cookies *give cookies*


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  9. Kuro says:

    is there anyone who has pdf of volume 1?


  10. Monti says:

    when will be next chap?


  11. rockythere says:

    Please translate more chapters soon i cant wait to read more


    • Yep working on it… June is a busy month for me, *and some of our translators* so yeah… Luckily our CtG main translator is entering his June break I think? Well he said he would resume on June the first so yay!


  12. Alex says:

    Hello. If possible please add Table Of Content on this page. It is pain to try to read chapters from phone or tablet without mouse. Menu (submenu)does not work correctly with touchscreens.
    BTW thanks for translation work.


  13. ROCKO says:

    Volume 3 please cant wait to read more


  14. Artmatt says:

    Really hope for a good ending on this one (the three of them living on together) without the author adding in some kind of tragedy(death/Miharu transfering away or something like that/Yuu falling in Love with his Childhood Friend)


  15. Line Pham says:

    Has this series ended yet? On lndb i see on going status but it’s has been more than a year since the lastest volume was released so that im little confused.


  16. M I says:

    I hope all of you there are doing? It’s been a while since I ‘ve seen or heard from you. I know how you hate people who keep asking for updates, but since the last post I saw was (Posted on July 1, 2016by yuudachipoini ) I hope this will not upset anyonr for asking not just about CTG but how your group is doing? I really enjoyed the translations and editing to make it more readable. If possible let me know how your doing.
    Thanks for all your work!


  17. murp says:

    Are you sure it isn’t Cradle to the Grave? The idiom? Otherwise that’s an interesting pun.


    • Akimoto Kazuma says:

      I remember asking that question when I first translate the series. I actually had a second thought and replaced it to Grave before reverting back to Glaive at the time. Even now I still have no idea why it’s titled Glaive (considering some area like Wizards Glaive don’t even have anything to do with swords). But that what it literally said on every chapter cover so I just roll with it.


  18. HappyBlueBird says:

    Is this still being updated? I’ve read all there is so far… Hoping for more!


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